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Dec 16, 2014Rouge Valley Health System Failed to Protect Patient Health Information
Nov 14, 2014Canada’s access to information and privacy guardians urge governments to better protect and promote rights of Canadians in digital era
Oct 29, 2014Statement of the Privacy and Information Commissioners of Canada on National Security and Law Enforcement Measures
Oct 17, 2014Commissioner Brian Beamish's statement on the breach of Rob Ford's personal health information
Oct 16, 2014Commissioner Brian Beamish's statement on the alleged alteration of TDSB records
Jun 25, 2014De-identification – an essential tool for protecting privacy
Jun 17, 2014Commissioner Cavoukian calls on government to preserve Freedom and Liberty
Jun 16, 2014It’s a Myth! Don’t Believe That De-identification Doesn’t Protect Privacy– It Does!
Jun 10, 2014You Can Have It All: Privacy Embedded Into Innovation
Jun 05, 2014Commissioner Cavoukian Expects the Toronto Police Service to Follow the Law
May 28, 2014History Repeats Itself: Minister MacKay’s Unwavering Position on
Bill C-13 Replicates Vic Toew’s Bill C-30 Strategy
May 08, 2014Personal Control and Freedom Are Essential to Preserving Privacy in an Online World of Growing Surveillance
Apr 28, 2014A Victory for Openness and Transparency: The Supreme Court of Canada Supports the Public’s Right to Know
Apr 14, 2014Commissioner Cavoukian calls for Ontario Police Services to stop the indiscriminate disclosure of attempted suicide information
Mar 19, 2014Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, appointed Executive Director of the Ryerson University Institute for Privacy and Big Data
Mar 05, 2014Paternalistic Approach to Privacy Will Deliver Unintended Consequences
Mar 03, 2014Privacy is a competitive business advantage in the age of Big Data
Jan 28, 2014Commissioner Cavoukian urges Canadians to follow Edward Snowden’s lead by demanding more privacy and less surveillance
Jan 15, 2014The privacy of Canadians must be protected!
Dec 11, 2013Bring Your Own Device: Is Your Organization Ready?
Dec 05, 2013Big Data Requires Big Privacy!
Nov 18, 2013Prevent the Harm – Protecting Kids from Online Bullying
Oct 22, 2013Get a Head Start and Gain a Competitive Advantage:
Privacy by Design for Small Business
Sep 18, 2013Realizing the Economic and Social benefits of Open Data
Jul 17, 2013Mass metadata collection violates every individual’s right to privacy
Jul 11, 2013New Privacy Enhancing Technology seeks to preserve web anonymity and privacy
Jun 05, 2013Commissioner Cavoukian dismayed by the indiscriminate deletion of emails in Ontario cabinet ministers’ offices
May 29, 2013Commissioner Cavoukian Commends Government of Ontario for Clarifying Privacy Rights for Electronic Health Records
May 28, 2013Commissioner Cavoukian marks 25 years of innovative access and privacy leadership in Ontario!
Apr 15, 2013Ontario embraces world-class standard of privacy protection
Jan 29, 2013Privacy by Design allows secure third party access energy innovations to grow
Jan 28, 2013A convergence of privacy and security yields the biggest gains for business
Jan 25, 2013Award-winning video “Are You Like Darren?” demonstrates the importance of privacy
Jan 02, 2013Pledge to Protect Your Online Privacy in 2013: Five New Year’s Resolutions
Dec 14, 2012Privacy and Security as the Default Standard for the Health Sector
Dec 04, 2012Operationalizing Privacy by Design: From Rhetoric to Reality
Oct 31, 2012Putting control of personal data where it belongs – with the individual!
Oct 25, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian joins the fight against cyberbullying
Sep 20, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian urges public institutions to join global Open Data movement
Sep 05, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian urges organizations to make privacy part of their corporate culture
Aug 28, 2012Calling all young Ontario filmmakers!
Jul 31, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian’s investigation finds systemic failures at Elections Ontario – paving the way to the largest privacy breach in Ontario history
Jul 17, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian investigates Elections Ontario’s massive loss of voter data
Jul 12, 2012New privacy threats unveiled by 2012 PETs award winner
Jun 08, 2012Privacy by Design in the Age of Big Data Report Addresses How Big Data & Privacy Can Successfully Coexist
Jun 04, 2012We must remain Ever Vigilant in preserving our privacy and promoting access: Commissioner Cavoukian
May 30, 2012Commissioner Cavoukian to release 2011 Annual Report on June 4, and to hold news conference at Queen's Park
May 14, 2012Time to Get Smart about Big Data … Enter SmartData!
May 07, 2012First Ever SmartData International Symposium May 14-16: Protect our privacy – Make the data ‘think’ for itself
May 03, 2012Keep it private - your Facebook password should not be shared: Commissioner Cavoukian advises people to protect their online social media profiles

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