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Recent Decisions

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

This final order addresses the remaining issues arising from the University of Toronto’s access decision in response to a request for records about issues of tuition and student debt considered by a Faculty of Law class reunion organizing committee. Following Interim Order PO-3828-I, the adjudicator remained seized to address the application of the ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The records at issue in this appeal are a contract and an addendum to the contract between the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (the board) and an online school payment service provider. The appellant made an access request to the board under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) for copies of these records. The ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The appellant submitted a request to the Toronto District School Board (the board) seeking access to records relating to athletic domes/projects at specified Toronto schools. The board issued a decision granting the appellant access to most of the records responsive to the request. However, it withheld certain information on the basis that it was exempt f ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The appellant sought access to information related to the end of the employment of a former town Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). After notifying an affected party, access to the former CAO’s employment contact was resolved on consent but the town sought to rely on sections 7(1) (advice or recommendations), 14(1) (personal privacy) and 52(3)3 (em ... Read More