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Oct 29, 2010 Landmark Resolution by Commissioner Cavoukian approved by international Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
Oct 21, 2010 Stop.Think.Protect - Resources to help protect personal health information on mobile devices
Oct 20, 2010 Opening the Door – bringing hospitals under FOI a major step for openness and transparency
Oct 05, 2010 Redesigning IP Geolocation: Privacy by Design and Online Targeted Advertising
Oct 01, 2010 September 29: Online Chat with Commissioner Ann Cavoukian during Right to Know Week
Sep 29, 2010 September 28 Annual Speech at the Right to Know Week 2010 Event
Sep 28, 2010 Introducing Access by Design
Sep 01, 2010 Resolution of Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy Commissioners, Whitehorse, Yukon
Aug 25, 2010 Sensors and In-Home Collection of Health Data: A Privacy by Design Approach
Aug 06, 2010 Special Issue: Privacy by Design: The Next Generation in the Evolution of Privacy | Guest Edited by Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Jul 16, 2010 Fact Sheet - Health-Care Requirement for Strong Encryption
Jun 16, 2010 Privacy by Design: Achieving the Gold Standard in Data Protection for the Smart Grid
Jun 09, 2010 Modelling Cloud Computing Architecture Without Compromising Privacy: A Privacy by Design Approach
May 11, 2010 A Time For Innovation: Commissioner releases 2009 Annual Report
May 04, 2010 Commissioner Ann Cavoukian releasing her Annual Report May 11
Apr 28, 2010 Privacy Risk Management: Building privacy protection into a Risk Management Framework to ensure that privacy risks are managed, by default
Apr 16, 2010 Commissioner Cavoukian to address Economic Club of Canada on May 12
Apr 14, 2010 Ontario Health Study Assessment Centres: A case study for Privacy by Design
Mar 30, 2010 A Positive-Sum Paradigm in Action in the Health Sector
Mar 26, 2010 Canadian Official Stumps for 'Privacy by Design' with U.S. Officials, Internet Giants
Mar 15, 2010 Privacy Remains a Social Norm - Commissioner Comment in Globe & Mail, March 15
Feb 02, 2010 2009 Annual Statistical Reporting - MFIPPA, FIPPA INSTITUTIONS: YOUR FOI REPORTS ARE DUE NOW
Jan 14, 2010 Health Order - Encrypt Your Mobile Devices, Do It Now: Commissioner Cavoukian
Dec 24, 2009 Commissioner Cavoukian directs health sector to encrypt personal health information on mobile devices
Dec 16, 2009 Privacy Security Trust 2010: Call for Papers and Proposals
Nov 17, 2009 Your smart meter is watching
Nov 17, 2009 SmartPrivacy for the Smart Grid: Embedding Privacy into the Design of Electricity Conservation
Nov 10, 2009 A Pragmatic Approach to Privacy Risk Optimization: Privacy by Design for Business Practices
Nov 02, 2009 New IPC papers released
Oct 29, 2009 Best Practices for the Secure Destruction of Personal Health Information
Oct 05, 2009 Commissioner Cavoukian Orders Crown attorneys to stop collecting personal information on prospective jurors – Recommends single screening process, in light of widespread background checks
Oct 01, 2009 Pivotal Jury Vetting Order being released
Sep 10, 2009 Protecting Privacy for Canadians in the 21st Century
Sep 02, 2009 Circle of Care: Sharing Personal Health Information for Health-Care Purposes
Aug 21, 2009 Simcoe County ordered to take additional steps to obtain data related to Site 41
Aug 20, 2009 Privacy by Design: The 7 Foundational Principles
Aug 13, 2009 Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian outlines the need for SmartPrivacy
Jul 15, 2009 A Discussion of Biometrics for Authentication Purposes: The Relevance of Untraceable Biometrics and Biometric Encryption
Jul 13, 2009 If You Want To Protect Your Privacy, Secure Your Gmail
May 13, 2009 Information and Privacy Commissioner Commissioner Ann Cavoukian releases her 2008 Annual Report
Apr 02, 2009 Innovative Wireless Home Care Services: Protecting Privacy and Personal Health Information
Mar 19, 2009 Adding an On/Off Device to Activate the RFID in Enhanced Driver’s Licences: Pioneering a Made-in-Ontario Transformative Technology that Delivers Both Privacy and Security
Mar 12, 2009 Whole Body Imaging in Airport Scanners: Building in Privacy by Design
Feb 23, 2009 Privacy by Design Challenge: What the Industry Experts are Saying
Feb 02, 2009 Commissioner Ann Cavoukian releases the Federated Privacy Impact Assessment (F-PIA) to help protect privacy and manage online identity among multiple players
Jan 28, 2009 Privacy by Design Challenge
Jan 27, 2009 Privacy by Design
Jan 27, 2009 Moving Forward from PETs to PETs Plus: The Time for Change is Now
Jan 15, 2009 Reviewing the Return Policies of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario: Privacy Investigation Report PC07-100 – and A Review of the Literature Relating to Fraudulent Returns: Practices Used by Retailers to Combat Fraud
Nov 26, 2008 BACKGROUNDER: Commissioner Cavoukian working towards advancing greater privacy on Ontario’s Enhanced Driver’s Licence
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