Our Vision and Mandate

Role and Mandate

Our office was established in 1987 and provides oversight of Ontario’s access and privacy laws. These laws establish the rules for how Ontario’s public institutions, health care providers, children’s aid societies and other child and family service providers may collect, use, and disclose personal information. They also provide the public with a right of access to government-held information and access to their own personal information while ensuring that any personal information held by public institutions, health care providers and child and family service providers remains private and secure.

In addition to overseeing the province’s access and privacy laws, the IPC also serves both the government and public through our mandate to:

  • resolve appeals when access to information is refused
  • investigate privacy complaints related to personal information
  • ensure compliance with the acts
  • review privacy policies and information management practices
  • conduct research on access and privacy issues and provide comment on proposed government legislation and programs
  • educate the public, media and other stakeholders about Ontario’s access and privacy laws and current issues affecting access and privacy

The Commissioner is an officer of the Legislature who is appointed by, and reports to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and is independent of the government of the day.

IPC Values

Respect – We treat all people with respect and dignity, and value diversity and inclusiveness.

Integrity – We take accountability for our actions and embrace transparency to empower public scrutiny.

Fairness – We make decisions that are impartial and independent, based on the law, using fair and transparent procedures.

Collaboration – We work constructively with our colleagues and stakeholders to give advice that is practical and effective.

Excellence – We strive to achieve the highest professional standards in quality of work and delivery of services in a timely and efficient manner.

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