Three-Year Reviews and Approvals: Documentation

Prescribed Entities under PHIPA

Prescribed Persons under PHIPA


Prescribed Organization under PHIPA

Prescribed Entities under the Coroners Act

Prescribed Entities under the CYFSA

  • not applicable at this time***


Former Prescribed Persons under PHIPA

The practices and procedures of these former prescribed persons were reviewed and approved by our office. They are no longer approved to operate as prescribed persons under PHIPA and their status has been revoked from the regulations.


*Sworn affidavits were not required for the 2005 and 2008 three-year reviews and approvals.

**In 2014 and 2017 CCO’s report and subsequent approval letter were combined to address both its authorities as a prescribed entity and a prescribed person under PHIPA.

***Although two entities have been prescribed under the CYFSA, their practices and procedures have not yet been reviewed and approved by the IPC.