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Privacy and Security by Design: A Convergence of Paradigms


Rapid innovation, global competition and increasing system complexity present profound challenges for informational privacy. While we would like to enjoy the benefits of innovation - new conveniences and efficiencies - we must also preserve our personal control and freedom of choice over our data flows.

There is a growing understanding that innovation, creativity and competitiveness must be approached from a “design-thinking” perspective - namely, a way of viewing the world and overcoming constraints that is at once holistic, interdisciplinary, integrative, innovative, and inspiring. The same design-thinking perspective is being applied to privacy and security. Privacy and security must be embedded into every standard, protocol and process that touches our lives.

This paper highlights the convergence of these two paradigms. In the first part, the concept of security by design as understood in the technical community is introduced. In the second, the concept of Privacy by Design (PbD) as understood in the privacy community is discussed. The third and final part explores how these two concepts share notable similarities and how they may complement and mutually reinforce each other. (News Release)

Keywords  Security by Design, convergence, information technology
Author(s)  Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Information & Privacy Commissioner
Ontario, Canada

Marc Chanliau
Director, Product Management
Oracle Corporation
Published Date  Jan 24, 2013

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