The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner publishes guidance documents to promote compliance with Ontario’s access and privacy laws.

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Open Government and Protecting Privacy
The IPC strongly supports Open Government initiatives and encourages Ontario institutions to be more open and transparent, and to enhance their engagement with the public. This document offers guidance for institutions on how to move towards increased government transparency without negatively affecting individuals’ privacy.
Open Government | Privacy Mar 15 2017

Improving Access and Privacy with Records and Information Management
This guidance is designed to help institutions implement better record and information management practices and enhance the public’s ability to access information.
Access | Access Request Process | Appeal Process | Legislation | Open Government Best Practices | Papers | Professional Guidelines Nov 03 2016

Open Government: Key Implementation Considerations
This guidance document provides institutions with an overview of important factors to consider when implementing Open Government including the need for institutional leadership, commitment, governance and resources to support culture change and sustain the program over time, learning from others, engaging both internal and external users, and meeting legal requirements.
Open Government Papers Sep 06 2016

Open Government: Key Concepts and Benefits
This guidance paper is intended as a starting point for institutions considering Open Government and highlights two critical goals: enhancing access to government-held information and public participation.  It includes a discussion about making government-held information open by default and at little or no cost, and ways to enable a true two-way dialogue with the public.
Access | Open Government Papers | Professional Guidelines Sep 05 2016

Submission to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly: e-Petitions
Open Government Submissions Oct 21 2015

Open Contracting: Proactive Disclosure of Procurement Records
Proactive disclosure of procurement records strengthens clarity and accountability around government spending. It can also provide tangible benefits to institutions by reducing the number of procurement-related freedom of information requests, appeals and associated costs.
Access | Open Government Papers | Professional Guidelines Sep 21 2015

Mediation checklist
Appeal Process | Open Government Best Practices | Professional Guidelines Jan 19 2007

Drafting a Letter Responding to a Request for Information
Access | Open Government Professional Guidelines Nov 04 2005

Backgrounder for Senior Managers on the Role of Freedom of Information and Privacy Co-ordinators relating to Access to Information
Each provincial and municipal government organization has a Co-ordinator. This Backgrounder looks at the critically important role that Co-ordinators play.
Access | Access Request Process | Open Government | Privacy Papers Sep 01 1999

IPC Practices No. 22 – Routine Disclosure/Active Dissemination (RD/AD) of Government Information
Tip sheet for government organizations on information management.
Access | Information Management | Open Government Best Practices | IPC Practices | Professional Guidelines Sep 01 1998