Info Matters Podcast

Info Matters is a podcast about people, privacy, and access to information hosted by Patricia Kosseim, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. We dive into conversations with people from all walks of life and hear stories about the access and privacy issues that matter most to them.


Episode 3: Demystifying the FOI Process

Access to government information is essential to a healthy democracy. It provides a window into government decision-making. It supports accountability and transparency. It fosters civic engagement. It’s your right! But if you’ve never filed a freedom of information (FOI) request before, the whole process may seem a little daunting. In this episode of Info Matters, we take some of the mystery out of it. Commissioner Kosseim speaks with Gillian Shaw, Director of Adjudication at the IPC, who walks through the steps of making an FOI request and filing an appeal (if needed) to get the records you’re entitled to.


Episode 2: À la rencontre des Franco-Ontariens | Reaching out to Franco-Ontarians

Les commissaires Kosseim et Burke discutent des défis et des possibilités d’atteindre la population franco-ontarienne afin de les sensibiliser au sujet de leurs droits linguistiques ainsi que leurs droits d’accès à l’information et de vie privée.  Elles échangent des idées en matière de communication et de réseautage et considèrent de futures collaborations entre leurs bureaux afin de rejoindre ce public cible.

A discussion between Commissioners Kosseim and Burke about the challenges and opportunities of reaching out to Franco-Ontarians in Ontario, including outreach and networking tips and potential future collaborations between their offices to engage this unique audience and increase awareness of their rights when it comes to language, access, and privacy. (Recorded in French)


Episode 1: Don’t get caught! Protect yourself against phishing

In this episode, Commissioner Kosseim talks to Fred Carter, a senior policy and technology advisor with the IPC. Fred has more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sector, providing analysis and recommendations about privacy and security issues across the spectrum of privacy, technology, and law.