S1-Episode 5: Putting patient trust at the centre of virtual health

With rapid adoption of new digital technologies, patients can now “visit” their health provider by telephone, secure messaging, and videoconferencing. It all comes down to patient choice. Dr. Duncan Rozario and Commissioner Kosseim discuss the unique privacy and security considerations of virtual health care, and what providers and patients need to know when communicating through these new digital media.

Show notes

Dr. Duncan Rozario is chief of surgery at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Oakville, Ontario. He also runs a busy outpatient practice at the North Oakville Medical Centre where he uses sophisticated digital tools to provide virtual care to his patients.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Forging relationships with patients [2:34]
  • The key role of communication in health care [3:55]
  • Combining the calling of medicine with a deep interest in technology [5:05]
  • Trends in the adoption of technology by physicians in Ontario [6:10]
  • Patient experience as a driver for offering virtual health care [7:09]
  • Providing options to patients [9:45]
  • The pitfalls of sending sensitive information by unsecured email [10:35]
  • Using patient portals and secure messaging systems [13:10]
  • Adding a visual dimension with images and videoconferencing [15:04]
  • Tailoring the communication channel to the situation, the provider, and the patient [17:00]
  • Patient uptake and response [18:10]
  • Onboarding patients [19:58]
  • Protecting information and choosing a verified virtual visit solution [21:05]
  • Communications between health care providers, retiring the fax machine [23:35]
  • Next steps toward an integrated and secure system for personal health information in Ontario [27:45]
  • Enhancing trust in digital health care [30:40]


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