S2-Episode 3: Power to the people! Access, privacy, and civic engagement

This episode explores the role of civic engagement in fostering greater government transparency and clearer privacy policies that work for everyday people. Commissioner Kosseim speaks with community activist and bestselling author Dave Meslin about barriers that keep people from engaging in societal issues and ways of overcoming them to effect change.

Show notes

Dave Meslin is a community organizer, activist, and bestselling author.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The systemic barriers that keep people on the sidelines of community involvement and political decision making [4:02]
  • Taking cues from private sector customer service [7:53]
  • Tapping into collective wisdom and disrupting the status quo [9:47]
  • The role of government transparency in supporting civic engagement [12:05]
  • Access to information as fuel for community activism and change [12:39]
  • Assessing government open data efforts [16:08]
  • The Dazzling Notice Awards [18:41]
  • Improving civics education [22:10]
  • Making privacy policies make sense [24:42]
  • Empowering youth to exercise their democratic muscles [28:04]


Info Matters is a podcast about people, privacy, and access to information hosted by Patricia Kosseim, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. We dive into conversations with people from all walks of life and hear stories about the access and privacy issues that matter most to them.

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