The Regional Municipality of Niagara (the Region) received four requests for access to information under theMunicipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) from a single requester. The requester and the Region are opposing litigants in a civil action brought by the requester over the award of two construction projects in 1998. The requests sought access to the following:

  • Request 2001-04 (Appeal Number MA-010186-2) – all records in connection with the Region’s application for a permit from the Ministry of the Environment for approval to proceed with a tender for a particular biosolids storage facility.
  • Request 2001-13 (Appeal Number MA-010286-1) – information relating to complaints made by the Region to the Law Society of Upper Canada about a named individual.
  • Request 2001-08 (Appeal Number MA-010306-1) – all records related to a construction schedule pertaining to a contract awarded by the Region to a named company.
  • Request 2001-15 (Appeal Number MA-010363-1) – all records of payments made to a named law firm and any other law firm in connection with a specific civil action, a copy of the judgment in this action, a copy of the settlement documents and a copy of the cheque used in making the settlement payment.