Corporation of the Town of Arnprior

The appellant submitted a two-part request seeking access to (1) records relating to the town’s electronic records storage initiative and (2) service contracts with existing suppliers for services including internet services, maintenance of existing hardware, and firewall services. The town identified three records responsive to the second part of the request, denying access to portions of them under sections 7(1) (advice and recommendations), 8(1)(e) (endanger to life or safety), 8(1)(i) (security), 10(1) (third party commercial information), 11(a) (valuable government information), 11(f) (economic and other interests), and 13 (danger to safety or health) of theAct. In this order, the adjudicator finds that the mandatory exemption at section 10(1) does not apply; the discretionary exemptions at section 7(1), 8(1)(e), 8(1)(i), 11(a), 11(f), and 13 do not apply; and, that the town’s search for records responsive to part 1 of the request is reasonable. She orders the town to disclose the records to the appellant and dismisses the aspect of the appeal dealing with the reasonableness of the town’s search.