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The Security-Privacy Paradox: Issues, Misconceptions and Strategies

This joint paper produced by IPC Ontario and Deloitte & Touche provides hands-on advice for developing strategies for information security and privacy protection.

Date: Aug 01 2003   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Concerns and Recommendations Regarding Government Public Key Infrastructures for Citizens
Type: papers

Examines the potential impact of PKI on the protection of personal privacy and makes recommendations for officials establishing such systems.

Date: Dec 01 2002   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Fact Sheet #13 – Wireless Communications Technologies: Video Surveillance Systems

Fact Sheet about the use of wireless CCTV cameras.  

Date: Jun 07 2007   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance

  Many institutions turn to video surveillance to help them fulfil their obligations to protect the safety of individuals and the security of their equipment and property. Video footage captured by cameras is regularly used to assist in the investigation of wrongdoing. However, the use of th...

Date: Oct 06 2015   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Fact Sheet: Video Surveillance

This fact sheet highlights the important factors an institution must consider before implementing a video surveillance system.

Date: Nov 09 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Submission for the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015

On September 11, 2023, the IPC provided a submission to the Ministry of the Solicitor General as part of the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015. The submission includes eight recommendations on how the police record check regime can be improved to better balance the Mi...

Date: Sep 12 2023   Type: Resource   Access: Both