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The Security-Privacy Paradox: Issues, Misconceptions and Strategies

This joint paper produced by IPC Ontario and Deloitte & Touche provides hands-on advice for developing strategies for information security and privacy protection.

Date: Aug 01 2003   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Best Practices for Online Privacy Protection

An educative tool designed to help companies identify and implement appropriate practices for protecting the privacy of their online customers.

Date: Jun 01 2001   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Guidelines on Facsimile Transmission Security

This updated paper sets out guidelines for government institutions to consider when developing systems and procedures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted by fax.

Date: Jan 01 2003   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Fact Sheet #13 – Wireless Communications Technologies: Video Surveillance Systems

Fact Sheet about the use of wireless CCTV cameras.  

Date: Jun 07 2007   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Safeguarding Privacy on Mobile Devices

A brochure outlining suggested best practices for securing mobile devices (PDAs, laptops, etc.) and protecting the information carried out of the workplace on them. Steps are organized into sections: Before you Walk out of the Workplace, While you are Out and When You have Completed Your Work. In...

Date: Jun 14 2007   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Reference Check: Is Your Boss Watching? The New World of Social Media: Privacy and Your Facebook Profile

Social networking websites such as Facebook are now so popular that they are being used by employers to screen prospects. Information you post on your profile for the amusement of you and your friends may, therefore, be viewed in a different light. This short paper cautions users of these sites a...

Date: Oct 24 2007   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Adding an On/Off Device to Activate the RFID in Enhanced Driver’s Licences: Pioneering a Made-in-Ontario Transformative Technology that Delivers Both Privacy and Security

This discussion paper describes the IPC’s work in toward the implementation of an on/off device allowing holders of an Enhanced Drivers Licence (EDL) to prevent the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) from being read by unauthorized third parties and disengage the RFID when not required for b...

Date: Mar 19 2009   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Fact Sheet #16 – Health-Care Requirement for Strong Encryption

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, in Order HO-004 and Order HO-007, required that health information be safeguarded at all times, specifically by ensuring that any personal health information stored on any mobile devices (e.g., laptops, memory sticks, PDAs) be strongly encry...

Date: Jul 16 2010   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Mobile Near Field Communications (NFC) “Tap ‘n Go” – Keep it Secure and Private

This paper examines Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies and their growing deployment in mobile devices. Four consumer use cases illustrate NFC functionalities and benefits. Privacy and security risks are identified, and solutions are offered for NFC mobile device and application develope...

Date: Nov 28 2011   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Fact Sheet #18 – Secure Transfer of Personal Health Information

In Order HO-011, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) ordered Cancer Care Ontario to discontinue its practice of transferring records of personal health information relating to its colon cancer screening program in paper format, after several courier packages containing the p...

Date: Aug 01 2012   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Identity Theft: A Crime of Opportunity

Practical information about identity theft, how to avoid it, and what to do if you find you are a victim.

Date: Jul 17 2012   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Privacy and Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) present unique challenges due to their ability to use a variety of sensors to gather information from unique vantage points – often for long periods and on a continuous basis. The prospect of having our every move monitored, and possibly recorded, raises profound ...

Date: Aug 16 2012   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


A Primer on Metadata: Separating Fact from Fiction

Since the recent revelations of the NSA’s sweeping surveillance of the public’s metadata, the term “metadata” has been regularly used in the media, frequently without any explanation of its meaning. Metadata’s reach can be extensive – including information that reveals the time and du...

Date: Jul 17 2013   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Freedom and Control: Engineering a New Paradigm for the Digital World

Privacy and cybersecurity professionals, creators of digital property, and countless policy-makers have spent decades fighting to civilize the digital world, but they have lacked the most fundamental tool they need to succeed, namely — information systems engineering that enables true control o...

Date: May 08 2014   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


De-identification Protocols: Essential for Protecting Privacy

Information is becoming far more valuable as businesses seek to learn more about their customers and those of their competitors, and as advertisers seek to gain a competitive advantage by finding new and innovative ways to use information to target advertisements that are most relevant to their c...

Date: Jun 25 2014   Type: Resource   Access: Professional


Planning for Success: Privacy Impact Assessment Guide

Ontario public sector institutions must meet high standards of care and trust whenever collecting, using and disclosing personal and other sensitive information. Any public institution considering new information technologies, systems, and program services that may affect privacy are strongly en...

Date: May 19 2015   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Transparency, Privacy and the Internet: Municipal Balancing Acts

Municipalities are turning to the Internet as a means of making information public in an effort to improve accessibility, transparency and accountability. This may include publishing records directly to their website or including records in searchable databases that can be accessed online. Publis...

Date: Aug 04 2015   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Thinking About Clouds? Privacy, security and compliance considerations for Ontario public sector institutions

The IPC has prepared this new guidance document, Thinking About Clouds? Privacy, security and compliance considerations for Ontario public sector institutions, to help institutions evaluate whether cloud computing services are suitable for their information management needs. In particular, it see...

Date: Feb 20 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Fact Sheet: Communicating Personal Health Information by Email

This fact sheet describes the risks of using email and custodians’ obligations under the Personal Health Information Protection Act. It outlines some of the technical, physical and administrative safeguards needed to protect personal health information when communicating by email and the polici...

Date: Sep 15 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Guidance on the Use of Automated Licence Plate Recognition Systems by Police Services

This guidance document outlines the key obligations of police under privacy legislation in their use of ALPR systems and provides guidance, including best practices, on using these systems in a privacy-protective manner.  It addresses the use of ALPR systems for public safety purposes, in parti...

Date: Jul 04 2017   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Fact Sheet: Video Surveillance

This fact sheet highlights the important factors an institution must consider before implementing a video surveillance system.

Date: Nov 09 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Disposing of Your Electronic Media

This fact sheet provides guidance on how Ontario public institutions and health information custodians can securely destroy personal information when disposing of electronic media.

Date: Mar 06 2018   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Submission for the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015

On September 11, 2023, the IPC provided a submission to the Ministry of the Solicitor General as part of the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015. The submission includes eight recommendations on how the police record check regime can be improved to better balance the Mi...

Date: Sep 12 2023   Type: Resource   Access: Both