Date: May 25, 2023
Andrea Corlett | Director of Communications
Andrew Drummond | Director of Health Policy
Christopher Parsons | Senior Technology and Policy Advisor
Patricia Kosseim | Commissioner
Vance Lockton | Policy Manager

Over the course of two days, the Commissioner and IPC staff will be appearing at the IAPP 2023 conference to speak on a variety of topics.

May 25 –  Commissioner Kosseim will be speaking on the topic of genetic privacy with a focus on emerging issues and considerations. She will also be participating in the Commissioner’s Game Show.

Director of Communications, Andrea Corlett, will be speaking about how good privacy means good communication about privacy practices.

Director of Health Policy, Andrew Drummond, will present on the topic of health privacy compliance across jurisdictions, frameworks, business units and technology stacks.

Policy Manager, Vance Lockton, will be speaking about what to consider when anonymizing data and responsible use of anonymized data.

Senior Technology and Policy Advisor, Christopher Parsons, will be looking into privacy-enhancing technologies and the legal, technological, industry and regulatory considerations.

May 26 – Commissioner Kosseim will examine the next privacy challenge: Optimizing data while protecting fundamental rights.

Location: Westin Harbour 1 Harbour Square Toronto, ON M5J 1A6