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Commissioner Kosseim on “Breakfast Television”

Commissioner Kosseim appeared on “Breakfast Television” on May 30, 2024. She spoke with Tammie Sutherland about the IPC’s guidance for professionals on sharing information in situations involving intimate partner violence.


- Published on May 30, 2024

IPC FYI Health Privacy Videos

What tools exist to help you control your health information? Our IPC FYI series has the answers!


- Published on Apr 17, 2024

Privacy Day 2024 Event: Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

Gain a clearer understanding of the necessities, challenges, and opportunities of regulating AI technologies to ensure they are used in ways that are safe, transparent, accountable, and ethically responsible. Watch this video for our discussion on #IPD2024 surrounding one of our key strategic...


- Published on Jan 29, 2024

IPC podcast, Info Matters, wins 2023 Canadian Podcast Award

Exciting news: The IPC podcast 'Info Matters' clinches the 2023 Canadian Podcast Award, celebrating excellence in informative content.


- Published on Jan 9, 2024

Commissioner Kosseim on “In Conversation with Stephen Hurley” - Media Literacy Week episode

Media Literacy Week episode with Commissioner Kosseim and Matthew Johnson, Director of Education for Media Smarts.


- Published on Jan 6, 2024

Commissioner Kosseim on "In Conversation with Stephen Hurley"

Commissioner Kosseim discusses the privacy risks young people face online today and the IPC’s new Privacy Pursuit! lesson plans on the In Conversation with Stephen Hurley podcast.


- Published on Sep 23, 2023

IPC FYI Episode 1: Decisions, decisions!

Join us as we take you through the process for searching for Decisions! This resource is an excellent way for Ontarians to learn more about their privacy and access rights. This is an especially important resource for researchers, policy makers, and data professionals to better understand how the...


- Published on Aug 15, 2023

Commissioner Kosseim on "Leadership in the Digital Enterprise"

Commissioner Kosseim speaks with Jim Love about her role as commissioner, the meaning of leadership, current privacy issues, and earning the public’s trust.


- Published on Apr 6, 2023

Privacy Day 2023 Event: Building Trust in Digital Health Care

Digital tools open up great new opportunities for more efficient and effective health care. They also introduce new privacy and security risks to sensitive personal health information. How can health care organizations become more resilient against privacy breaches and cyberattacks? How can they...


- Published on Jan 31, 2023

Commissioner Kosseim on "The Agenda with Steve Paikin"

Commissioner Patricia Kosseim appeared on "The Agenda with Steve Paikin" on December 14, 2022. The topic of this episode was "How Is Forensic Genomics Used to Solve Cold Cases?"


- Published on Dec 14, 2022

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