Role and Mandate

The Commissioner is an officer of the Legislature who is appointed by, and reports to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and is independent of the government of the day.  Our office was established in 1987 and provides oversight of Ontario’s access and privacy laws.


The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario oversees compliance with:

These laws establish the rules for how Ontario’s public institutions, health care providers, children’s aid societies and other child and family service providers may collect, use, and disclose personal information and how they must keep such information secure. They also provide the public with a right of access to government-held information and access to their own personal information.

The IPC’s mandate is to:

  • resolve access to information appeals
  • investigate privacy complaints
  • provide comment on proposed government legislation and programs
  • review privacy policies and information management practices
  • conduct research on access and privacy issues
  • educate the public, media and other stakeholders about Ontario’s access and privacy laws and current issues affecting access and privacy
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