Our Vision, Mission and Goals


To be a modern and effective regulator with real-world impact.


Enhance Ontarians’ trust that their privacy and access rights will be respected.


Advocacy: Proactively advance Ontarians’ privacy and access rights in key strategic areas that impact their lives
  • Advance Ontarians’ privacy and access rights in a modern government by working with public institutions to develop bedrock principles and comprehensive governance frameworks for the responsible and accountable deployment of digital technologies.
  • Champion the access and privacy rights of Ontario’s children and youth by promoting their digital literacy and the expansion of their digital rights while holding institutions accountable for protecting the children and youth they serve.
  • Contribute to building public trust in law enforcement by working with relevant partners to develop the necessary guardrails for the adoption of new technologies and community-based approaches that protect both public safety and Ontarians’ access and privacy rights.
  • Promote confidence in the digital health care system by guiding custodians to respect the privacy and access rights of Ontarians, and supporting the pioneering use of personal health information for research and analytics to the extent it serves the public good.
Responsiveness: Address complaints and appeals in a fair, timely and meaningful manner
  • Provide timely resolution to Ontarians’ access appeals and privacy complaints by defining and upholding applicable service standards.
  • Issue concise and plain language decisions that are fair and meaningful to the parties and support compliance with the law.
  • Support understanding of the law and participation in the IPC appeals process by publishing actionable guidance based on trends and lessons learned from individual cases. 
Accountability: Maintain Ontarians’ confidence in the organizational excellence of the IPC
  • Transform the IPC into a digitally friendly organization by delivering services more effectively and efficiently online, while improving user experience
  • Build the IPC into an employer of choice by attracting and retaining high quality talent and developing a positive corporate culture through enhanced employee programs and engagement.
  • Strengthen IPC governance and accountability through modern controllership best practices and prudent fiscal management.

Cross-Cutting Strategies

  1. We will consider accessibility and equity issues to help reduce disparate outcomes on marginalized communities.
  2. We will be bold and aspirational in our vision, but also stay grounded in pragmatism.
  3. We will strive to be consultative and collaborative with relevant partners and stakeholders.
  4. We will develop the knowledge, skills, and capacity needed, both internally and externally, to advance these strategic priorities.


Respect: We treat all people with respect and dignity, and value diversity and inclusiveness.

Integrity: We take accountability for our actions and embrace transparency to empower public scrutiny.

Fairness: We make decisions that are impartial and independent, based on the law, using fair and transparent procedures.

Collaboration: We work constructively with our colleagues and stakeholders to give advice that is practical and effective.

Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest professional standards in quality of work and delivery of services in a timely and efficient manner.

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