Informal consultation and engagement

City of Ottawa
  • Guidance on transitory records created on instant messaging and social media platforms related to city business

City of Waterloo
  • Use of remotely piloted aircraft system by municipal enforcement services

Epilepsy Ontario
  • PHIPA and data privacy requirements

Grand Council Treaty #3 Drug Task Force
  • Consent for collection/use/disclosure of PHI and the “circle of care”

Halton District School Board & Halton Catholic District School Board
  • In-bus camera surveillance pilot

Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division
  • Courts of Justice Act amendments respecting the confidentiality and disclosure of records related to the Civil and Family Rules Committees

Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services
  • Privacy bulletin

  • Privacy toolkit for societies and child and family well-being agencies

  • Use of PHIPA s. 46(1) for MCCSS-funded health programs

Ministry of Education
  • IT modernization initiative

Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
  • Addressing FOI compliance

Ministry of Finance and Financial Services Regulatory Authority
  • Amendments to the Insurance Act

Ministry of Health
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties

  • Authorities for collection and use of home care-related data

  • Authorities for Ontario Health Teams

  • Multiple consultations on “Dialogue on Data”

  • Provincial Health Digital and Data strategy

  • Regulations on the status of a new home care authority under PHIPA

Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development
  • Employment Transformation Services

Ministry of Legislative Affairs
  • Queen’s Park Restoration Secretariat Act and associated FIPPA amendments

Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery
  • Enterprise data management framework

  • Privacy breach management guideline

Municipalities Working Group (9 municipalities)
  • Automated speed enforcement programs and joint processing centres

Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Race and Identity-Based Data Strategy

Ontario Health
  • Consent granularity within the EHR

  • Interoperability of digital systems

  • Management of multiple authorities under PHIPA

  • Non-voting member of Cybersecurity Advisory Group

  • Provincial cybersecurity model

  • Use of EHR for non-clinical purposes

Ontario Health Data Council
  • Ex officio member of Ontario Health Data Council, as well as its Data Stewardship Working Group and Electronic Health Record Advisory Working Group

Ontario Hospitals Association
  • Emerging health sector privacy issues

Ontario MD
  • AI Scribes

  • Electronic Medical Record demonstration

Ontario Medical Association
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties guidance

  • Secure communications with patients

Ottawa Police Service
  • Community Safety Data Portal

Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities under PHIPA
  • Consultations on an update to the Manual for the Review and Approval of Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities; three-year review of prescribed persons, prescribed entities, and the prescribed organization, including an in-person session at the Ontario Legislature

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service
  • Downtown CCTV

  • Customer experience platform

Thunder Bay Police Service
  • Draft use of artificial intelligence policy

Toronto Police Service
  • Freedom of information request fees

Toronto Transit Commission
  • Update to the policy on video recording in public areas

Cabinet Office
  • cookie policy
City of Hamilton
  • Open data policy
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
  • Physicians’ Relationship with Industry Policy; Mandatory and Permissive Reporting Policy; Human Rights in the Provision of Health Care Policy
Financial Services Regulatory Authority
  • Development of whistleblower portal
Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Methods for verifying the identity of individuals via virtual care platforms
Independent Electricity System Operator 
  • FOI program and processes
March of Dimes
  • Sharing of personal health information in Ontario Health Teams
Ministry of Business and Public Service Delivery
  • Updated FOI and privacy manual
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
  • Police record check regulations under the CYFSA
Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
  • FOI program compliance and technology changes
Ministry of Health
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties under PHIPA; amendment to PHIPA regarding Ontario Health Teams; amendments to PHIPA regulations on access to the Electronic Health Record and on access to records in electronic format; Ontario Health Data Platform
Ministry of Indigenous Affairs
  • Discussions to support an Indigenous group’s interest in conducting research on health outcomes in their own community
Ministry of Transportation
  • Bill 229, Protect, Support and Recover from COVID-19 Act
Ministry of Long-Term Care 
  • Amendments to the Fixing Long-Term Care Act
Ontario Association of School Business Officials
  • Guidance to school boards on selecting educational apps, enhanced notices
Ontario Health
  • Release of the patient summary and mental health and addictions provincial data set interoperability specifications
Ontario Health Data Council
  • Ex officio member of both the council and its Electronic Health Record Advisory Working Group
Ontario Securities Commission
  • FOI program and processes
Ottawa-Carleton and Durham District School Boards
  • Updated FOI and privacy manual
Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities under PHIPA
  • Consultations on an update to the Manual for the Review and Approval of Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities; three-year review of prescribed persons, prescribed entities, and the prescribed organization, starting August 2, 2022
  • Virtual care privacy and security standard
Provincial Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Mobile crisis response team guidance materials framework and toolkit
Thunder Bay Police Service
  • Use of a technology to rapidly review surveillance footage
Toronto Police Services
  • AI Technology Procedure and pre-assessment screening form
Various Ontario Government Ministries 
  • Proof of vaccination initiative re: privacy and security aspects of the Ontario Vaccination Certificate, enhanced QR code certificate, and Verify Ontario app.
Workplace Safety Insurance Board
  • Questions regarding the application of the FPT joint resolution Securing Trust in Digital Health Care



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