About Proactive Disclosure

Proactive disclosure is the publication or release of information in anticipation of the public’s needs and interests.  It is one of the most important aspects of Open Government and critical to improving transparency and accountability and promoting more informed public debate.

Open Contracting is a key aspect of Open Government.  In order to be truly accountable and transparent, government institutions must commit to proactively publishing information on how taxpayer money is spent.

Proactive disclosure of procurement records will bring clarity on spending decisions and foster greater trust in government stewardship of public money. Openness in government can only be achieved if business is carried out publicly and the decision-making process is transparent and understandable. The practice of proactive disclosure should be done in anticipation of the public’s needs.

Ontarians have the right to know how the government is using its resources, and they have a reasonable expectation that this information will be easily accessible online.

As we encourage all government institutions to be more transparent and open, we provide the details of our own travel-related and hospitality expenses as well as any procurement contracts.

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