IPC Hospitality Expenses


HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCFebruary 7, 2023Results Based Management Framework Workshop72Marigolds and Onions Ltd.$196.68
IPCApril 30, 2023Youth Advisory Council Meeting812Eric Forget Photography
Shoppers Drug Mart
Other various travel Expenses
IPCSeptember 14, 2023Office of the Privacy
Commissioner of
Canada Meeting
76Food & Beverage$679.77
IPCSeptember 21, 2023Prescribed Persons and Prescribed Entities
(PPs/PEs) Information Briefing
928Legislative Assembly of Ontario$226.00
IPCSeptember 22, 2023Foresight Workshop1249Speaker Costs
Food & Beverage
HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCAugust 22, 2022LAO Officer's Meeting15Marigolds and Onions Ltd.$84.50
IPCDecember 2, 2022Strategic Advisory Council
Plenary Meeting
18141. Events You Want
2. Aroma Espresso Bar
HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCFebruary 26, 2020Lifelabs meetings612Longo's, Starbucks$187.31
HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCJanuary 11, 2019Meeting with Freedom of
Information Unit for MCSCS &
MAG Institutional Relations
3810Tim Hortons$102.19
IPCJanuary 24, 2019Lunch with Privacy Day panelist
(Teresa Scassa) and IPC
IPCJanuary 24, 2019Privacy Day event39168aLa Carte$6,593.03
IPCApril 17, 2019Staff Retirement1200Dessert Lady$300.00
IPCApril 18, 2019Town Hall Meeting1200Longo's$192.07
IPCMay 31, 2019ROTO Waterloo6200Wilfrid Laurier University
Conference Services
IPCJune 27, 2019Staff Retirement1007Dessert Lady$260.40
IPCSeptember 4, 2019Indigenous Child Welfare
225Assoc of Native Child and
Family Services
IPCSeptember 12, 2019IPC Indigenous Child Welfare Training1306The 519$780.00
IPCOctober 11, 2019ROTO - Sudbury775College Boreal$634.24
IPCNovember 8, 2020Part X Information Session1560The 519 Church Street
Community Centre


HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCJanuary 22, 2018Lunch with staff from the South Africa Information Regulator23Trattoria Nervosa$238.16
IPCJanuary 25, 2018Privacy Day1201Marigolds & Onions$2,824.13
IPCJanuary 30, 2018Staff Retirement1201Dessert Lady$250.00
IPCMarch 2, 2018Employee Appreciation Day1150Dessert Lady$355.95
IPCMarch 8, 2018Mediators Training Day251Training Centres of Cda$631.67
IPCMarch 8, 2018Officers of the Legislature Quarterly Lunch15Marigolds & Onions$262.27
IPCMay 11, 2018Reaching Out to Ontario-Hamilton6119St. Joseph's-Aramark Healthcare$567.49
IPCMay 15, 2018Staff Retirement1000Dessert Lady$250.00
IPCJune 6, 2018Analysts Training300Chelsea Hotel Toronto$2,456.06
IPCJune 19, 2018Indigenous Cultural and Legal
1203Native Canadian Centre
of Toronto
IPCJune 21, 2018Lunch with Commissioner from the
Office of the Information and
Privacy Commissioner of British
IPCSeptember 20, 2018Launch of IPC's new Case Record
and Information System
1200Dessert Lady$300.00
IPCNovember 20, 2018Milestone Awards1100Dessert Lady$275.00
IPCNovember 23, 2018Reaching Out to Ontario - Barrie6122Georgian College$399.78


HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCJanuary 26, 2017Lunch with staff member from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada31Ichiriki$102.00
IPCJanuary 26, 2017Privacy Day Event30120Marigolds & Onions$5,825.44
IPCMarch 3, 2017Employee Appreciation Day1050Dessert Lady$305.10
IPCMarch 27, 2017Adjudication Training201The Law Society of Upper Canada$1,348.00
IPCMarch 29, 2017Mediation Training241York University$1,351.73
IPCMay 3, 2017Reaching Out to Ontario-Thunder Bay694Valhalla Inn$595.17
IPCMay 16, 2017Policy Staff Training100Kiro Sushi$207.28
IPCJuly 6, 2017Town Hall meeting on 6th floor1050Dessert Lady$200.00
IPCSeptember 28, 2017Town Hall meeting - Tribunal dept660Dessert Lady$125.00
IPCOctober 24, 2017Mediators Planning Day250York Univ-Osgoode Professional Development$1,269.10
IPCOctober 26, 2017Mediators & Analysts Training311Chelsea Hotel$2,536.62
IPCNovember 22, 2017Townhall-Milestone Awards1150Dessert Lady$250.00
IPCNovember 23, 2017Adjudicator's Training200St. Paul's Bloor Street$260.00
IPCNovember 30, 2017Reaching Our to Ontario - Windsor560University of Windsor$406.80
IPCDecember 4, 2017COGEL reception720McEwans/LCBO$617.00


HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCJanuary 14, 2016Staff Retirement951Desert Lady$200.00
IPCJanuary 28, 2016Privacy Day Event3597Marigolds and Onions$3,101.62
IPCJanuary 28, 2016Lunch with British Columbia IPC staff member41Bloor Street Diner$162.59
IPCFebruary 3, 2016Mediator's Training221Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel$2,006.20
IPCMarch 3, 2016Adjudicator's Training191Law Society of Upper Canada$2,370.46
IPCMarch 4, 2016Employee Appreciation Day9597Bulk Mine$149.41
IPCMay 4, 2016Reaching Out to Ontario - Kingston892Queen's University Catering Services$227.70
IPCJune 21, 2016Milestone Event950Dessert Lady$200.00
IPCJune 22, 2016Breakfast Meeting: Auditing Electronic Health Records360Bloor Street Diner Limited$2,263.62
IPCJune 29, 2016Staff Retirement950Dessert Lady$200.00
IPCSeptember 7, 2016Tribunal Staff Meeting650Dessert Lady$160.00
IPCSeptember 27, 2016Reaching Out to Ontario - London486The Wave - The University Student's Council$487.31
IPCNovember 2-4, 2016Federal, Provincial, Territorial Commisioners Conference821See chart$36,687.16
IPCNovember 25, 2016Policy Staff Training100Kiro Sushi$194.78
IPCNovember 30, 2016Staff Retirement954Dessert Lady$247.50
HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
IPCJanuary 28, 2015Privacy Day Event24156Pantages Hotel$4,596.23
IPCJanuary 28, 2015Lunch with Alberta IPC staff member31Scaccia$100.77
IPCFebruary 4, 2015IAPP Training (2 Days)171Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel$1,005.82
Tribunal Dept.February 25, 2015Staff Retirement105 Dessert Lady$170.00
Sherry LiangMarch 9, 2015Adjudicator Training241Law Society of Upper Canada$878.46
IPCApril 1, 2015Lunch with BC IPC Deputy Commissioner41Bloor Street Diner$120.34
IPCApril 28, 2015Working Lunch for Staff70Pepperberry Catering$109.89
IPCJuly 2, 2015Working Lunch for Visiting Delegation from National Information Commission of Nepal24Loblaws$131.46
IPCApril 21, 2015Mediators Training Day162Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel$2,371.04
IPCJune 2, 2015Tribunal Training Day580Marigolds & Onions$3,262.93
IPCJune 16, 2015Milestone event950Dessert Lady$180.00
IPCSeptember 22, 2015Dinner with Yukon Ombudsman and Information and Privacy Commissioner31Trattoria Nervosa$117.94
IPCSeptember 25, 2015Webcast: Reaching Out To Ontario - Sault Saint Marie600Dessert Lady$107.35
IPCSeptember 25, 2015Reaching Out to Ontario - Sault Ste Marie580Sault Area Hospital$178.49
IPCSeptember 29, 2015IPC Strategic Planning1000Toronto Reference Library/ Marigolds and Onions$1,478.89
IPCOctober 22, 2015Staff retirement950Dessert Lady$180.00
IPCDecember 14, 2015Lunch with staff from the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada33Bloor Street Diner$185.10
HostDatePurpose# of Staff# of GuestSupplierCost
Communications DeptOctober 30, 2014Staff Retirement105 Dessert Lady$190.00
Legal Dept.December 17, 2014Staff Retirement105 Dessert Lady$170.00


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