Data Integration under FIPPA

Part III.1 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) enables prescribed data integration units to collect personal information for linking to create and enable access to de-identified datasets for the purpose of analysis in relation to:

  • the management or allocation of resources;
  • the planning for the delivery of programs and services provided or funded by the Government of Ontario; and
  • the evaluation of those programs and services.

The units that have been prescribed under Part III.1 of FIPPA can be found here.

The legislation, as well as related data standards, set out specific requirements and restrictions that data integration units must follow related to, among other things, the collection, use (including linking and de-identification), disclosure, security, retention, and destruction of personal information.

The data standards were developed by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (the responsible minister) and approved by the IPC.

Data Integration Data Standards

Commissioner’s Review of Data Integration Unit Practices and Procedures

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