Media Literacy Week is an annual national campaign to promote digital and media literacy.

In 2021, we’re celebrating Media Literacy Week by highlighting one of the IPC’s four strategic priorities, Children and Youth in a Digital World. Our goal is to champion the access and privacy rights of Ontario’s children and youth by promoting their digital literacy and the expansion of their digital rights while holding institutions accountable for protecting the children and youth they serve. Below are some resources the IPC has designed to promote digital literacy in children and youth.

Info Matters Podcast, Episode 9: Teenage confidential: Teens, technology, and privacy

Texting, chat, photo, and video sharing — teens have so many ways to connect now it can be hard for parents to keep up! This episode explores some of the ways teens are using online technologies, their approach to privacy, and how parents can help them navigate this tricky terrain safely and ethically. Commissioner Patricia Kosseim speaks with Matthew Johnson, Director of Education at MediaSmarts, Canada’s not-for-profit centre for digital and media literacy.

Privacy Pursuit! Games and Activities for Kids

The IPC’s free privacy activity book, Privacy Pursuit! Games and Activities for Kids, help kids understand and protect their online privacy. The activity book uses word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, and other fun games to help kids learn about the importance of online privacy and provides some easy tips on how to protect it. Kids will learn how to use and protect passwords, limit what they share, how to play and communicate with friends, watch out for scams, and show privacy empathy for others.

Info Matters Podcast, Episode 4: Teaching kids about privacy

Explaining privacy in a way that kids can understand — concepts and tools parents can use to start discussing this very important topic from a young age. Commissioner Kosseim speaks with international privacy expert Daniel Solove about his new children’s book, The Eyemonger.

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