The Corporation of the Township of Maidstone (the Township) received a request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) for a copy of a report prepared by a named consulting firm relating to the Township’s staffing systems. The Township identified the record as a 15-page report entitled “Township of Maidstone Staffing Systems Review”, dated March 24, 1992. The Township denied access to the record in its entirety, claiming section 11(f) of the Act. The requester appealed the Township’s decision. In the course of processing the appeal, the Appeals Officer identified that certain information contained in the record constituted the personal information of identifiable individuals. The appellant indicated to the Appeals Officer that she was not interested in such information. Therefore, the personal information contained in the record is not at issue in this appeal and should not be disclosed. Because complete settlement of the appeal through mediation was not possible, the matter proceeded to inquiry, and a Notice of Inquiry was sent to the appellant, the Township, and the named consultant. Written representations were received from the Township only.