The Queen’s University Archives (QUA) requested that the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario (the Commissioner) register QUA’s intention to act as a recipient of information under s. 14 of O. Reg. 329/04 under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA). Subsection 42(3) of PHIPA states that a health information custodian may transfer records of personal health information about an individual, in the prescribed circumstances, to a prescribed person whose functions include the collection and preservation of records of historical or archival importance, if the disclosure is made for the purpose of that function.

QUA made representations to the Commissioner’s office in support of its request in the form of an application, dated August 23, 2005. The Commissioner’s office held further discussions with QUA to clarify aspects of the application . On January 26, 2006, QUA provided confirmation that suggestions made by the Commissioner will be adopted.

Pursuant to s. 14(1)(d) of O. Reg. 329/04 under PHIPA, this letter will serve to acknowledge the registration by QUA with the Commissioner of its intention to act as a recipient of information under that section. Further, this acknowledges receipt, by the Commissioner, of the public written statement referred to in that section as well as other information about QUA’s practices and procedures.