Common misunderstandings about privacy are frequently cited as reasons for not sharing information with a children’s aid society (CAS) about a child who may be at risk. In fact, Ontario law permits professionals working with children to share this information. To help professionals understand that privacy is not a barrier to disclosing this important information, the IPC and the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth created this guide.

Health providers, police, teachers, social service workers and other professionals sometimes cite privacy as the reason for refusing to disclose information to child protection workers. While well-intentioned, this refusal may leave a child in need of protection at risk of harm. Yes, You Can. Dispelling the Myths About Sharing Information with CAS clarifies common misunderstandings about privacy and reporting this information to the CAS. It underscores that, yes, professionals can disclose information to protect a child from potential harm and privacy should never stand in the way of sharing this information.

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