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File a health information privacy complaint

Complaint under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)

Note: A “health information custodian” in PHIPA is a person or organization that has custody or control of personal health information for the purpose of health care or other health-related duties.

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Filing a privacy complaint about your own personal health informationThe substitute decision-maker (such as a parent or guardian) for someone who is filing a privacy complaint about their personal health information

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If you are a substitute decision-maker (such as a parent or guardian) making a complaint on behalf of someone else, please describe your role and explain your relationship. It may be necessary to provide documentation to prove you are authorized to act for the individual. Please attach this documentation if you have it at the end of this form.

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We would like to share your complaint with the health information custodian you have complained about, so the health information custodian understands the reasons for your complaint and the IPC can process your complaint.

By filing this complaint, you consent to share your name, this complaint form, and all attachments provided with this complaint form to all of the parties to this complaint (including the health information custodian).

If you do not consent to share your complaint information, please explain why below. We will consider whether we can properly address your complaint without sharing this information.

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The health information custodian the complaint relates to has inappropriately collected, used and/or disclosed (shared) my personal health informationOther – please explain:

Please provide a detailed description of your complaint. Your description should include the what, when, who, how, where and why of what happened. If you need more space, please attach as many pages as necessary at the end of this form.

Have you communicated with the health information custodian about your complaint? If so, please explain.

Resolution of your complaint

Do you have a suggestion about how your complaint could be resolved?

In certain circumstances, the IPC will make an order to resolve a complaint. However, it is important to note that most complaints before the IPC are resolved informally and do not result in an order. The IPC can order a health information custodian to improve its privacy practices, or stop an unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal health information, for example,

The IPC cannot order disciplinary measures against employees of the health information custodian you are complaining about (such as requiring the health information custodian to fire an employee) or order it to pay you financial compensation (money).


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What happens next? Someone from our intake team will contact you to discuss your complaint.

Find out more about your health privacy rights and the complaint process.
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