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Technology Fact Sheet – Protecting Against Ransomware

This Fact Sheet from the IPC discusses how ransomware has become an increasingly dangerous threat to the security of electronic records and provides guidance on how public institutions and healthcare organizations can protect themselves against it.

Date: Jul 15 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Open Government: Key Implementation Considerations

This guidance document provides institutions with an overview of important factors to consider when implementing Open Government including the need for institutional leadership, commitment, governance and resources to support culture change and sustain the program over time, learning from others...

Date: Sep 06 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Open Government: Key Concepts and Benefits

This guidance paper is intended as a starting point for institutions considering Open Government and highlights two critical goals: enhancing access to government-held information and public participation.  It includes a discussion about making government-held information open by default and at...

Date: Sep 05 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Improving Access and Privacy with Records and Information Management

This guidance is designed to help institutions implement better record and information management practices and enhance the public’s ability to access information.

Date: Nov 03 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Fact Sheet: Video Surveillance

This fact sheet highlights the important factors an institution must consider before implementing a video surveillance system.

Date: Nov 09 2016   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Big Data and Your Privacy Rights

The emergence of big data as a tool to manage and analyze large and complex data sets offers great promise and opportunity, but also raises serious privacy challenges and considerations, especially to personal privacy. Public and health sector institutions increasingly use big data tools to impro...

Date: Jan 25 2017   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Open Government and Protecting Privacy

The IPC strongly supports Open Government initiatives and encourages Ontario institutions to be more open and transparent, and to enhance their engagement with the public. This document offers guidance for institutions on how to move towards increased government transparency without negatively af...

Date: Mar 15 2017   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Big Data Guidelines

Date: May 17 2017   Type: Resource   Access: Both


Disposing of Your Electronic Media

This fact sheet provides guidance on how Ontario public institutions and health information custodians can securely destroy personal information when disposing of electronic media.

Date: Mar 06 2018   Type: Resource   Access: Both



2021-11-18-LTR-IPC Submission re Sched 4 of Bill 27 Working for Workers Act 2021 – Final

Date: Jan 07 2022   Type: Resource   Access: Both

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