Privacy and Health Privacy Complaints of Note

PHIPA Decision 102 Investigation into privacy breaches involving a shared electronic medical information system uncovers concerns with training, auditing practices, notification practices, and contractual agreements, which were resolved to the IPC’s satisfaction.
PHIPA Decision 98 Investigation of the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute’s use of surveillance cameras finds that extensive use of cameras throughout its clinic was not justified.
PHIPA Decision 96 A father without custody rights does not have the right to act on behalf of children to obtain children’s health records. However, a health provider may have discretion to disclose information to the father under a court order or another law.
PHIPA Decision 82 Health privacy law does not prohibit a hospital from referring to facts in a published decision of a tribunal regulating health professionals.
Privacy Complaint Report PR16-40 Investigation into a cyberattack on the electronic systems of the company operating Casino Rama on behalf of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. IPC finds security of electronic records containing personal information and contractual and oversight measures inadequate, and recommends improvements.


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