Judicial Review


Town of Arnprior

The appellant sought access to records relating to an assessment of the Town’s IT system performed by a named company. The town granted partial access to the responsive records, denying access to portions of them under sections 7(1) (advice and recommendations), 8(1)(e) (endanger life or safety), 8(1)(i) (security), 10(1) (third party information), 11(a)(valuable government information), 11(f) (economic and other interests) and 13 (danger to safety or health) of the Act. In this order, the adjudicator finds that the mandatory exemption at section 10(1) does not apply; the discretionary exemption at section 7(1) applies to exempt portions of the records from disclosure; the discretionary exemptions at sections 8(1)(e), 8(1)(i), 11(a), 11(f) and 13 do not apply; and, that the town must re-exercise its discretion with respect to the severances made to portions of the records pursuant to section 7(1). The adjudicator remains seized of this appeal.

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