S2-Episode 9: Back to the Future: Using strategic foresight in the new digital age

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Strategic foresight is a discipline used by a growing body of experts and organizations. It is a structured and systematic way of gathering information about future operating environments to better prepare for change and make smarter decisions. In this episode, Commissioner Kosseim speaks with the IPC’s Eric Ward, Assistant Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives and External Relations, about how strategic foresight can be used to anticipate and address emerging data issues in Ontario.


Eric Ward is the Assistant Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives and External Relations at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC). Prior to joining the IPC, he was the Senior Director at Policy Horizons Canada, the federal government’s centre for strategic foresight.

  • The road to the IPC and strategic foresight work [3:34]
  • Using strategic foresight to build stronger policies and programs [5:28]
  • What strategic foresight is in simple terms [6:35]
  • The importance of strategic foresight for organizations and policymakers [8:09]
  • Steps in the strategic foresight process [10:05]
  • Looking ahead a few years or thousands of years [17:12]
  • Science fiction and anticipating technological advances [19:06]
  • IPC strategic foresight series on next generation law enforcement [20:40]
  • Generating results to support a coordinated regulatory response [23:43]


Info Matters is a podcast about people, privacy, and access to information hosted by Patricia Kosseim, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. We dive into conversations with people from all walks of life and hear stories about the access and privacy issues that matter most to them.

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