Through our advocacy work, the IPC submitted comments, open letters, and recommendations on various proposed laws and regulations having access and privacy implications in 2023.

United we stand: National and international resolutions

The IPC regularly collaborates with fellow regulators both domestically and on the global stage, to harmonize our policy positions and expand our public awareness initiatives. Throughout 2023, the IPC led, co-led, sponsored, and supported a range of national and international resolutions and joint statements.

Engage and influence: Stakeholder consultation and guidance

As part of our statutory power to offer comments on the privacy protection implications of proposed legislative schemes, programs and information practices, we invite organizations to consult the IPC on precedent-setting initiatives that significantly impact data privacy or access. For a list of informal consultations completed in 2023, visit our consultations webpage.

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Educate and empower: The IPC's public education initiatives

Under our enabling laws, the IPC may conduct public education programs and provide information concerning Ontario’s access and privacy laws, the office’s role, and activities. 

In 2023, the IPC developed several multi-media guidance materials and documents, delivered 57 presentations to various audiences, posted eight blogs and released 10 Info Matters podcast episodes on access and privacy issues that matter to Ontarians. We are also active on social media, and over the last year, we increased our LinkedIn followers by 28 per cent and YouTube viewers by 22 per cent. Our new Instagram account attracted a 164 per cent increase in followers in just one year.

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In keeping with our focus on outreach, engagement, and collaboration, the IPC actively participated in events and conferences during 2023 across a broad range of stakeholder groups. The commissioner, assistant commissioners, and legal, policy, communications, and tribunal staff delivered 57 speeches and presentations. For a list of 2023 presentations, visit our media centre. 

Commissioner's blog and news

From the commissioner's desk: IPC blogs

Commissioner Kosseim regularly blogs about timely issues relating to privacy, access, technology, and more. For a full list of blogs, visit our media centre.

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The Info Matters podcast: Conversations that count

In its third season, the IPC's podcast, Info Matters, continued to delve into current and emerging issues in the digital age. Hosted by Commissioner Kosseim, the podcast features in-depth discussions about issues ranging from the dangers of misinformation to the design of equitable health systems and predictive policing.

In December, Info Matters received the award for Outstanding Technology Series at the 6th Annual Canadian Podcast Awards.

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