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S4-Episode 2: At face value: Facial recognition technologies and privacy

From unlocking smartphones to solving crimes, facial recognition technologies are re-shaping identification as we know it. In this episode, we peer into the privacy and human rights implications of facial recognition systems with technology and human rights lawyer Cynthia Khoo.


- Published on Apr 4, 2024

Submission for the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015

On September 11, 2023, the IPC provided a submission to the Ministry of the Solicitor General as part of the Five-Year Review of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 . The submission includes eight recommendations on how the police record check regime can be improved to better balance the


- Published on Sep 12, 2023

Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Almost everyone with an email or instant messaging account has become used to receiving a seemingly never-ending stream of unsolicited messages. Commonly known as spam, some of these messages are “phishing attempts” where the intended goal is to get the recipient to do something that compromises


- Published on Jul 4, 2019

Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner Leads Call for a Privacy-Protective Approach to Smart City Projects

Privacy and information authorities from across Canada are urging the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities to ensure privacy and security are at the forefront of the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge . Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner , Brian Beamish, released the...

News Release

- Published on Apr 26, 2018