Individual’s right to correction

Individuals can request that a service provider correct a record of their personal information if they believe it is inaccurate or incomplete.116 A substitute decision-maker may also request a correction to an individual’s record on their behalf.

A correction refers not only to striking out incorrect information but also to adding information to make a record complete.

There is no age requirement for making a correction request. Note that the right to request a correction from a service provider only applies if the service provider has previously given the individual access to the record.

Individuals must submit correction requests to the service provider in writing.117 The law does not require them to use a certain form or submit the written request in a certain manner. This means that even if you prefer for individuals to make correction requests using a designated form, you must still respond to requests that come in other formats, such as through email.


116. CYFSA, s. 315(2)
117. While you can choose to respond to verbal or informal correction requests, the request must be in writing in order for the procedural rules of Part X to apply (CYFSA, s. 315(3)).
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