Extending the deadline

In limited circumstances, you may extend the deadline for responding to a correction request by no more than 90 calendar days. You may only extend the deadline if:

  • responding within 30 days would unreasonably interfere with your operations or
  • it is not reasonably practical to respond within the 30 days, given the time required to complete the necessary consultations120

If you plan to extend the deadline, you must give the individual written notice of the length of the extension and the reason for it within 30 days of receiving the request. You must then provide a full response, granting and/or refusing the correction, within the extended time limit. Otherwise, you are deemed to have refused the request. For any refusal of a correction request, including a deemed refusal, the individual may file a complaint with the IPC. They may also complain about the time extension itself if they don’t agree their request meets the criteria where an extension is permitted by Part X.


120. CYFSA, s. 315(4)
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