Granting the correction

When you grant a correction request, you must provide written notice of how you corrected it. Correcting means:

  • recording the correct information in the record or, if that’s not possible, by ensuring a system is in place to inform those who access the record that it is incorrect or incomplete, and to direct them to the correct information and
  • striking out the incorrect information without obliterating it or, if that’s not possible, by labelling it incorrect, severing it, storing it separately and maintaining a link to trace the incorrect information

At the request of the individual, you must give written notice of the correction to the people to whom you have disclosed the information, to the extent it is reasonably possible. An exception to this requirement is where providing notice cannot reasonably be expected to affect the ongoing provision of services.

You may not charge a fee for granting a correction. This applies to all activities associated with processing a correction request.

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