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Recent Decisions

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The adjudicator finds that the withheld portions of a councillor’s cell phone invoices qualify as personal information under the Act, and she upholds the Regional Municipality of Durham’s decision to deny access to the information under the mandatory personal privacy exemption in section 14(1) of the Act. Decisi ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

This is the final order, following Interim Order PO-3585-I, in the appeal of the AGCO’s decision to deny the appellant access to records of a specific complaint and related AGCO investigation. In this order, the adjudicator finds that the mandatory third party information exemption in section 17(1) does not apply to the correspondence, consultant re ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

The appellant made a three-part access request for records relating to herself for a specified time period and at a specified address. In their decision, the police granted access, in part, and relied on the discretionary personal privacy exemption at section 38(b) to deny access to the remainder of the responsive records. The police also found some infor ... Read More

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Unity Health Toronto (the hospital) received a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) for access to records including a one-page fax from a pharmaceutical company to the hospital’s pharmacy with a discount offer. After notifying the pharmaceutical company as an affected party, the hospital issued a decision ... Read More