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Why I ordered the Government of Ontario to share its mandate letters

Ontario’s freedom of information law is based on the principle that every individual has a right to access government information. This right exists to ensure the public has the information it needs to participate meaningfully in the democratic process, and that politicians and bureaucrats remain


- Published on Aug 21, 2019

Accessing Records of Deceased Relatives

The death of a family member is a stressful and emotional time. Surviving family members typically find themselves needing their family member’s personal information from government organizations or health care providers, which often requires formal requests. Finding the right organization, filling


- Published on May 7, 2019

Right to Know Week - Exercise Your Rights

Do you know you have the right to access government information? Do you know how to exercise that right? Under Ontario’s access and privacy laws, you can request access to your personal information – as well as general information − held by provincial and municipal government institutions. During


- Published on Sep 26, 2018