Personal Health Information:

You may request access to your personal health information held by a health information custodian under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). A health information custodian is a individual or organization, listed in PHIPA, that, as a result of his or its powers or duties, has custody or control of personal health information. Some examples are health care practitioners, such as doctors, nurses or opticians who provide "health care", hospitals, psychiatric facilities and pharmacies. A health information custodian has 30 days, with a possible extension of 30 days, for limited reasons, to respond to your request. If a custodian does not respond to your request, within the appropriate time frame, the custodian is deemed to have refused your request for access.

A person who has made a request under the Act may file a complaint about the response of the custodian. A complaint can be filed by sending a completed Access/Correction Complaint Form or writing to the IPC Registrar, within six months from the time when the custodian refused or was deemed to have refused the request.

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