Privacy by Design in the Age of Big Data

Summary  While organizations have practical incentives to make the most of their ever growing observation space (the data they have access to), they also have a pressing need to embed in these systems enhanced privacy protections. We outline in this paper just such an example — how an advanced Big Data sensemaking technology was, from the ground up, engineered with privacy-enhancing features. Some of these features are so critical to accuracy that the team decided they should be mandatory — so deeply baked-in they cannot be turned off.

This paper demonstrates how privacy and responsibility can be advanced in this new age of Big Data analytics.
Keywords  Big Data, Privacy, Privacy by Design, analytics, IBM
Author(s)  Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Information & Privacy Commissioner,
Ontario, Canada

Jeff Jonas
IBM Fellow
Chief Scientist, IBM Entity Analytics
Published Date  Jun 08, 2012

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