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Operationalizing Privacy by Design: A Guide to Implementing Strong Privacy Practices

Summary  Information management and its protection is imperative to any organization’s success, regardless of its size. Privacy breaches can have profound and long-term adverse consequences, including significant financial impact and damage to the reputation and brand of the organizations involved. The international standard of Privacy by Design is an actionable framework which has been put into practice by a growing number of organizations worldwide to make privacy the default setting.

In order to further guide organizations through this potentially challenging process Commissioner Cavoukian has released a new paper, Operationalizing Privacy by Design: A Guide to Implementing Strong Privacy Practices. This new paper provides an anthology of the experiences of organizations from a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, technology, healthcare, transportation, and energy. It provides a comprehensive overview of the partnerships and joint projects that the Commissioner has engaged in to implement Privacy by Design by providing concrete and meaningful operational effect to its principles.

News Release

Keywords  Privacy by Design, Privacy, CCTV, Surveillance Cameras, Biometrics, Smart Meters, Smart Grid, Mobile Devices, Near Field Communications, RFID, Sensor, Geolocation, Remote Home Healthcare, Big Data, Data Analytics.
Author(s)  Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Information & Privacy Commissioner,
Ontario, Canada
Published Date  Dec 04, 2012

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